RFN Prediction Thread

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RFN Prediction Thread

Post by Wolf51-50 » Sun Dec 17, 2017 7:55 pm

(Also doing this early out of sheer inpatience. Sorry 😛)

1. Sehkmet - Ok. Shit. Spinner that can kill spinners. Also has near perfect feeder wedges for all of those annoying bricks our there.

2. Incredible Dawg Adventure - ...fuck you too :v:

3. Nuclear Plague XL - Ngl, this thing should have won the title in it's weight class if CBC didn't shit out. Strong, well driven VS.

4. Chaotic Insurgency - Yes I know this is a dumb robot. But hear me out. Take a look at each of these bots have in common? Either high ground clearance, or no clearance at all. That'll be perfect for CI. All that needs to be done is to slip underneath the side and flip them over for the entire match

5. Ikea's Guard Dog - Is brick. Will do brick things and will probably gain what Hellhound left behind

6. Precise Saunter - Good wedge, great weapon, and now improved range. As long if it can find a way to work against the hammer blockers, there's not much stopping it

7. Magica - Fast as hell, and the mecanum tread thing seems interesting. However, with not much in the way of spinner or hammer armor, this thing's going to get banged up quite a bit

8. Glitch - Powerful weapons, but not much else. Amazing job with the plow, but I'm not a fan of the low speed, low body armor, and slow self righting

9. Valravn - Woo it's back! Not a fan of the wedges on the front due to it's shape, and it's helpless if it gets wedged. Nonetheless, it's tough, fast, and can definitely pull off a few upsets

10. Big Brown Wedge - very basic, big, brown, and boring. Probably will do well, but the driving ability has yet to be seen.

11. Neophyte Redglare - Here we go again. Much better design wise, but it's still missing some necessary ground clearance. Also in order to press it's wedge, it has activate the flipper, and the flipper is doing a pretty good job at blocking the opponent from going farther up the wedge

12. Lyra - I'm liking what I'm seeing from the discord, but I'm going to wait for the final reveal for now.


1. Hati and Skoll: Stahp entering these things :V

2. Dysprosinator - Well armored for spinners, and a great clamp weapon for bricks. Have fun with this one, cause it's a tough nut to crack

3. Tongue of the Fatman - If this works...IF this works at all, it is going to work very well. Very well armored and makes up for it's slow speed with it's great turning. Also that weapon is fucking scary

4. Doomerang 3 - A bit on the slow side with translating, but by far the best design to handle punches from spinners while dealing damage itself. If he can keep it away from the walls, then it's not gonna be easy to approach

5. Dock Leaf 2 - That wedge is going to be useless with the weight mostly being behind the thwack tail. However, this speed control is pretty interesting and I want to see it work.

6. Crosscut - New Pooky? Weapons die in a few hits, but it still delivers plenty of punishment. No way to approach it without getting hit, despite the slow speed.

7. Trial and Error - It's got a spinner plow and two powerful weapons. My question is whether or not I'll be able to put them into play the way I want to

8. Death Metal - 15 weapon is 15 weapon.Even if you have decent weapon armor, this is gonna hurt in w2w hits. Problem is that it doesn't have much options if the bar dies.

9. America Offline - It's ok, just not quite there. It's going to be a great spinner killer, but it leaves much to be desired in the weapon department. 9 weapon just isn't enough.

10. Tria Prima - No...
I love the idea, but it's just not gonna go well. Especially with this many spinners

11. Highland Fling - It's creative, but it's not getting much bite. Nor is it expecting to do much when inverted

12. Ice Cubed - "WHERE. ARE. YOUR. PAINT. TOOLS. ALEX!" -Josh Noel
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RFN Prediction Thread

Post by The_Angry_Goat » Thu Dec 21, 2017 2:51 am

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RFN Prediction Thread

Post by Hooray For Lexan » Thu Dec 28, 2017 1:17 am

OK I'm late to start this. Whatever.


Biological Warfare Division:


1: Ikea's Guard Dog. Oh geez, a Hellhound clone. It has the best drivetrain in the division in terms of both speed and control ratio, and has a pressing lifter. The only bot in its division that has even odds of beating this thing is Nuclear Plague, but even then it could KO it with the hazards. It's also likely to do well in the playoffs.

2: Sekhmet. Yeah, yeah, ranking my own bot highly, but two other people ranked it number one :V. Sekhmet definitely has a lot of serious threats, but it doesn't have any real hard counters either, with the possible exception of BBW.

3: Nuclear Plague XL. On one hand, this is a powerful drum spinner with a good wedge and a decent drivetrain. It can damage the wedges of most of its opponents, and could do some damage to the chassis of IDA. However, its extremely low body armor could be an achilles heel; one trip into the hazards could cripple it and give its opponent the win.

4: A dark horse pick. It's extremely fast and maneuverable and can tank most of the weaponry in its division. However, it doesn't have the best wedge, and the two spinners can DESTROY its plow with a solid hit. Also, with that power and range of motion its self-righting ability is questionable.

5: Glitch. Glitch has already shredded Chaotic Insurgency, and can pretty much KO anything in its division in a few hits. However, it's slow and has very poor body armor. It will likely KO Magica unless it gets KOed by the hazards first, but the thwacking tail of Stingray and the hammer of Precise Saunter could be very dangerous. Its fight with Sekhmet will likely depend heavily on which configuration each bot chooses.

6: Stingray. Punching bar robots and thwacks are both reliant on maneuverability and precision to be effective, and this bot functions as both but has neither. That said, it's actually fairly dangerous: it could seriously damage Glitch, can survive Precise Saunter's attacks and smack it around, and will be very difficult for Chaotic Insurgency to control.

7: Incredible Dawg Adventure. It has a very sturdy front lifter and can press. However, all the spinners in this class can flip it and hit its undercarriage, and it doesn't have the best control.

8: Chaotic Insurgency. I'm just not buying the turret's effectiveness so far.

9: Boring Brown Wedge: Well, the name's not wrong. However, I think this is going to do fairly. It has a better drivetrain than everyone but Ikea's Guard Dog, outwedges Neophyte Redglare and Valravn, and still has a good shot against the two dawg-lifters because its design will make it hard to pin. Even with the loss to IDA it will probably make the playoffs. The builder is inexperienced, but so far has demonstrated pretty solid RPing skills so far.

10: Neophyte Redglare. Some of this robot's problems have been fixed, but it's still a hinged wedge in a field of 2WD wedges and pressing lifters. It doesn't have the drivetrain or exceptional strategies to compensate for this. I can still see it picking up two more wins, but not much beyond that.

11: Precise Saunter. It has a decent shot of screwing up Glitch, and could KO Chaotic Insurgency if it can get past the turret lifter. However, it lacks the power to damage Magica or Stingray and will otherwise be dominated by them, and it will need to aim its blows very precisely to get past Sekhmet's hammer blocker.

12: Valravn. Unfortunately, the side forks being static and its low ground clearance are really going to hurt this bot. One way or another it's outwedged by literally its entire division. I'll be extremely impressed with Shaba if she manages to get more than one win with this.

<hr />


1: Dysprosinator. Finally a good old-fashioned brick. I don't think any robot in the field can actually KO this thing, and it will go either 4-1 or 5-0 in its division: it might lose to Tongue of the Fatman or Hati and Skoll, but I highly doubt it'll lose to both. In the playoffs, it would take a rematch with one of those to stop it, unless TBR messes up an RP.

2: Hati and Skoll. As with Sekhmet, they doesn't really have guaranteed matchups, but don't have unwinnable ones either.

3: Death Metal. It's going to obliterate Dock Leaf 2, beat up Highland Fling, it already trashed Trial and Error, and there's not really a whole lot America Offline can do against it besides survive. The only threat to it is Crosscut, but even there if Death Metal can use its speed to get a hit on Crosscut's exposed corners it can still win. Its future in the playoffs is less certain, but with good draws this is a contender for the title.

4: Crosscut. This robot is so destructive that there's no margin for error against it. I think it can pick up an easy 4-1 in its division even if Death Metal beats it. In the playoffs, however, Dysprosinator can survive for three minutes against it, and without a feeder wedge Hati stands a good chance of surviving long enough to doorstop or pin it, which could easily be fatal.

5: Tongue of the Fatman. A death flipper in an arena with no OOTAs seems like a stupid idea, but in this class it could be viable. Most of the other bots have some combination of poor armor, slow speed, or not enough weapon power, and it has a good wedge. This is actually a dangerous enough opponent for pretty much everyone that it's likely to pick up three wins and make the playoffs.

6: Infrared. Basically helpless against Dysprosinator, but has a shot against everybody else in its division. However, without a feeder wedge or sturdy spinner-deflecting wedge it will have hard matchups against Tongue of the Fatman, H&S, and any of the robots likely to win the other division.

7: America Offline. Okay, the hammer isn't going to cause serious damage to anybody besides maybe Dock Leaf, which leaves it with a wedge and a mediocre drivetrain for a brick. Admittedly this combo will allow it to stuff the melties in its division and it might edge out Trial and Error thanks to its slightly faster drivetrain, but I don't like its chances against Death Metal or Crosscut.

8: Trial and Error. Wal-Mart Tellu. Can stuff the melties, but will get obliterated by its division's spinners, has a drivetrain disadvantage against America Offline, and if it makes the playoffs the likely winners of the other division will give it serious trouble.

9: Doomerang 3. Okay, it basically has a free win against Tria Prima, but there's nothing it could do to Dysprosinator and it will be very difficult for it to get to Tongue of the Fatman's wheels. Infrared and H&S are less certain, but it's still slow and doesn't have an advantage going weapon-to-weapon. I expect it to end up with one win, or two if Badnik RPs well.

10: Tria Prima. It already lost to Tongue of the Fatman. There's essentially nothing it can do against Doomerang. It can't seriously damage Dysprosinator, and it could easily lose a section to the hazards and lose the damage category hard. The matches with Infrared and Hati and Skoll are potentially winnable, but because all its components are too flimsy to survive weapon-to-weapon with another spinner, it's completely reliant on flanking... with a group of slow robots. The new speed rules aren't THAT good.

11: Highland Fling. Uh, where are the teeth? Even aside from its lack of bite, it lacks the power to hurt the hammers in its division. Death Metal will tear it apart, and so will Crosscut unless HF gets an amazing juke. However, it will still kill Dock Leaf.

12: Dock Leaf 2. 5 chassis armor, useless wedge, not great power, and poor armor on the thwacking tail. I expect Mole's ROBOTS tradition of winless runs to make a return here.

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