stars in your eyes heat 1 round 1 results so far?

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stars in your eyes heat 1 round 1 results so far?

Post by scorpion1m » Mon May 16, 2016 2:13 pm

the host welcomes everyone to the show as everyone takes a seat as the first contest flies in proud of him self after stopping a evil villain from making another serris of teen titans go, as the crowd cheer him and some people throw under-where at him the host ask who it is?

he proudly says he is Blackagar Boltagon and tonight he will be s-club 7.

the host is blown away as the super hero flies into the white screen.

suddenly the arena goes black and later can be header the host goes missing and and a manic man wherein a costume with is clearly made out of toilet paper appearers and announces you feel for my trap as i am "full of crap"..

the audience laugh out lot as the villain get relay annoyed and stomped his feet and falls over..

meanwhile "blaclagar boltagon" is stuck in a cage made of cardboard dressed as a member of s-club 7 as the music starts to play

oh no says "full of crap" my weakness forgettable 00's songs sung quite well...

the hero is singing incredible well only getting a few words wrong but no one has noticed and buy the climax his singing voice launches "full of crap" into the sky screaming racist ideals. the cage then breaks and the host walks out and says

thank sir for saving the day now what song do you what do... but before he could finish "blackagar boltagon" got a phone call from banana-man and after some happy news flies away...

but will this super hero return for the next part will we find out what they said on the phone call find out next time same banana channel same banana place...
the host slightly confused carries on

before the host can say anything more dancing light aper and a wresting announcer appearers saying "weighing in a 40 cd racks and tub of lard, master at busting spines manly his own his 4th year on the circuit because touch electric wires was his thing for a while he may not be jo-ce-na he is mike hunt"

"mike hunt" runs in dressed up as rick Ashley sing a outdated meme from the 1990's but he is doing so well the the judged have allowed it i'm quite shocked they have aloud such a tactic to be played" says one announcer the other announcer is dancing .

the performance gets everyone in the crowed to dance so un-naturally the the planet shakes of its axis and the planet starts to plummet it to a world we couldn't be bothered to animate even forgetting 1 and 10 aren't the same number won't stop this party "mike hunt" has start

the song decides it needs a end so "mike hunt" crowed surfs but is taken all around the world by crowed surfing and when he gets back everyone is gone as he slightly confused but know he must of out performed everyone
the next day the host wakes up as well as the audience as a random person with a note appears that reads

""axel bundy" couldn't make it he was so busy last night making love to the furniture of ryan air port that he over slept and missed his plane he does apologies this letter included:


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stars in your eyes heat 1 round 1 results so far?

Post by MadBull » Thu May 19, 2016 3:56 am


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