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CBC3 HW Week 6: Petaflare vs Terminating Cutter Gen III

Posted: Fri Mar 15, 2019 8:14 am
by Trihunter
PetaflareTerminating Cutter Gen III
Speed: 5Speed: 4
Traction: 4Traction: 3
Torque: 1Torque: 1
Weapon: 11 (10 crusher, 1 srimech)Weapon: 14
Armour: Armour: 8 (+2 wedge) (Effective 10 on crusher, 14 on wedge)Armour: 7
Billy declared the horizontal config for TC. NHV config declared for Petaflare.

Play the match aggressively. Get out there ASAP, and either have a go at baiting them into smacking a wall or letting us get around their side, or just plain tanking the blade on our wedge. If we're tanking the hit, keep it to the 14 armour part. The crusher tower itself can probably take the hit, but we'd rather not tempt fate. Either way, once the blade's slowed, bulldoze them into a corner and crush away. Ideally we'll lock onto the squishy red bits and mangle it there, but warping the frame that holds the blade enough for it to not spin up or to dislocate the chain is also cool. Keep the pin as much as possible, and once we have to let go, keep harassing them to prevent the spinner from getting back up to speed. Utilise the arena as best as we can. Why not see if Termy can deal with being struck with a mallet and a crusher at the same time? Keep an eye out for any jank he tries, like baiting us into going for a hit on the side before turning and cracking the blade into our side. If they try it, pivot into the blade as best as possible so it plinks off of our armoured parts. Ideally, the most hits he'll get in is one, and then for the rest of the match he's spun down.

In summary, stop the blade or otherwise avoid it so we get a hit in, then continue the match Razer style. :P

Best of luck to the opponent.

Re: CBC3 HW Week 6: Petaflare vs Terminating Cutter Gen III

Posted: Sat Mar 16, 2019 7:58 pm
by Billy5545
So, we are now facing a crusher as our next fight. After losing in our two previous fights to Coup de Grace and Death Metal, we have to win this one. We are going with our trusted HS config. Seeing our opponent's design, we also notice that they have slightly superior speed and traction than us, as well as strong armor. However, their weapon is weaker than us, though it can still be effective in causing internal damage, as well as controlling us.

For our strategy, we will come up right to them, but when approaching them, we will angle slightly and then attacked the the opponent's side to prevent our bot from going straight into their crusher. If this failed and they managed to get their crusher on range, however, we will force our bar up to their crusher, in an attempt to disable it in return when they tried using it, before turning and going straight slightly in an attempt to escape. We will have to do this quickly if they attempt to push us into the hazards. After this stage, we will repeat the tactic until their crusher is disabled. After that, we will try to drive off them and attack their side to gut them. We will have to do all of this aggressively, as well as some bit of carefullness, as well as capitalizing on opportunities, like the opponent exposing a weakspot.

For our defense, there's not much, but if their crusher is near our bar, we will try to move a bit so when the crusher descends, it will hopefully land on the spinning bar instead, damaging it.

For the hazards, we will try to avoid them, as well as try to escape from our opponent if they push our bot to one of them. We also hope that our bot won't get randomly thrown to the hazards, especially Stalin's Sickle or The Gulag.

Good luck Tri