Chimera vs Something Something Cluster Bot

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Chimera vs Something Something Cluster Bot

Post by The_Angry_Goat » Tue Feb 12, 2019 12:41 pm

SSCB: Speed: 9 / Traction: 8 / Torque: 3 / Weapon: 3 (2 for each) / Armor: 1

Chimera: Speed: 8 / Traction: 6 / Torque: 2 / Weapon: 5 / Armor: 9 (+1 top) - DOING THIS


He has marginally better drivetrain than I do but he also literally kills himself if he tries to ram me so I think that gives me the net advantage here. The key to winning here is to just focus on one at a time. I literally don't care if one of them is behind me, I just need to pick one, focus on it, get the flip in, and watch as the duct tape holding it together falls off from the impact of the flip. actually getting into position to do this will still be hard, but I have the advantage of time.

Over the course of the match, he's going to have to ram under me (assumingly near full speed so he can actually be behind me with one half of the cluster), ram me into things, have me on top of him (where I can fire the flipper to make myself jump up a bit, try to loosen his grip, and just generally threaten damage on his ONE ARMOR), etc.. Every single little thing he does threatens his bots with some sort of major damage, and the components he's using don't help either - mecanum is delicate, and losing but one wheel tends to really fuck with how they work, his clamp arms are spindly as hell, such that even small impacts threaten them bending upwards, rendering the entire wedge useless. I'm going to lose for the first like, minute and a half, but it's not like he can do enough to win during that time - since even feeding me to the IED isn't a viable option with the spinning rings around it that threaten damage on his wheels (and will also help kick me free given the weight differential).

I don't really have much of a strategy here beyond what I previously mentioned because there really isn't that much strategy for me to do here: I can't do that much against 2 9 speed bots other than try my best to focus on one and flip it whenever I can, but they're so shoddily put together that they'll literally just fall apart for me.

once he's down to one set of the cluster, I pretty much do standard wedge vs hammer things (with me acting as the hammer). I'm playing at a speed disadvantage, but it's not major enough to be worried, and I can afford patience since I should only need a flip or two to disable that half, and I'll already be up a half of the cluster on damage over him.


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Re: Chimera vs Something Something Cluster Bot

Post by YSMQTHLQYH » Fri Feb 15, 2019 2:20 am

OK let's get this out of the way
I think i don't have any configs, but if i do just the primary one
Each of my bot is faster than him, and better control ratio, and they also have more torque, also mecanums.
Use the power of mecanums to have both bots always facing chimera

At the start of the match get out of the square fast. If he waits split up and approach from both sides of the spinners. But if he does rush and pick a side then both Somethings will go towards that same side and when we are close one bot will distract him while the other strafes right past him.
In either case i will have a bot facing him from opposite directions and he will need to pick one. The one he chooses will be obvious as he will face it with his front. The one he is facing will reverse away while the other chases him from behind. this will cause a circular chase around the spinners. I am faster so i shouldn't have problems doing this and if he tries to turn around and chase the other one i will change the direction of both bots, starting the chase again but in the opposite direction.
The idea is to clamp him from behind, or anywhere that isn't the flipper, avoid it if possible.
Once one of the Something has Chimera clamped lift him up and move him around the arena and don't let him go until the timer runs out. Don't slam him against the walls or any sort of IED, just move him around and make time.

Once the walls fall hopefully one of my bots fits in between the micro IEDS while clamping chimera, try any clamping position, so i can sacrifice one of my bots running it and Chimera over the edge into OOTA town.

If one of my bots dies early have the other playing like a regular clampbot as flanking wont work with only one bot, clamp him from the front, preferably angling-in on the sides of the chasis instead of the flipper and hope for the best.

Keep the aggression and pressure going, make time, don't run into the flipper or center part of the arena or do any dumb shit that isn't listed here.
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