CBC3 HW Week 2: Terminating Cutter Gen III vs Coup de Grace IV

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CBC3 HW Week 2: Terminating Cutter Gen III vs Coup de Grace IV

Post by Billy5545 » Sun Feb 10, 2019 6:41 pm

Terminating Cutter Gen III (HS config used)
Speed: 4
Traction: 3
Torque: 1
Weapon: 14 (HS and VS configs)
Armor: 7 (+4 weapon bonus)

Coup de Grace IV
Speed: 5
Traction: 3
Armor: 8 (+2 front including the spheres on the sides
Weapon: 13
Torque: 1
So, we are now facing a beta/TerrorHurtz inspired bot now, from the same team who made Diablo Genesis. We are going to pick the HS config, as it's the most suited to fighting the opponent's design. We also notice the strength of their hammer, and their slightly superior drive and armor.

As for the fight, since Terminating Cutter Gen III's bar spins counter clockwise, we will try to quickly turn to the right at spot in the start while spinning the bar, before driving forward while turning left a bit, avoiding the well armored front. Once we get to the side, we will then quickly turn left with assistance of the gyro in order to strike the side and then top of the bot, hoping that our bot's size will be an advantage against Coup de Grace's low and shallow profile. We plan for that hit to damage the lexan covering and even hopefully the hammer's handle, in order to disable the hammer.

Once we achieve that, we expect our opponent to try pushing and spinner killing us. We will try to turn away from the opponent every time we get wedged by it, and then hit the side again by turning towards it quickly, hoping we will tear it open in few hits. Also, if the opponent get thrown by the bar hitting it, then we will quickly pursue them and attack relentlessly.

For the hazards, we will try to avoid them as best as we can, as our bot is not designed for control. We will especially try to not get pushed to the Fall Away Walls once it lowers, or to the center IED. If our opponent try to push us there, immediately drive off the opponent in hopes of not getting pushed to the hazard.

Finally, for defense. When our opponent is trying to hit with the hammer, immediately turn to the left with gyro assist in an attempt to avoid it, before countering by hitting the side in a full spin. We don't want it to hit the weapon and causing a large recoil, the body, or one of the wheels due to it's strength.

Good luck Wolf

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Re: CBC3 HW Week 2: Terminating Cutter Gen III vs Coup de Grace IV

Post by Wolf51-50 » Tue Feb 12, 2019 1:00 pm

Us: 5/3/1/13 (+1)/ 8 (+2 front)

Them: 4/3/1/14/7

Forks off

That's a nasty little spinner

He has 7 armor and 14 weapon, which can get dangerous for my front if I take too many hits. However, I have a 14 weapon hammer. In other words, I can make the bar weapon useless in a couple hits if line them up right.

Keep him facing my front at all times. Do not let him skip off my plow to give him free range of my sides. Charge quickly, but be sure that he doesn't skip over my wedge and into the hammer mechanism either. Use the little hammer nub as extra armor if I need to. Wedge him so his weapon grinds against my plow. The moment contact is made, fire the hammer onto his weapon support. With the weapon support smashed to oblivion, he won't be able to spin the bar properly. Keep hitting him on top until either his weapon dies or the bot itself dies. If his weapon is gone, he'll be a sitting duck, and he won't be able to run forever with 4 speed. Once I'm lined up, finish him off. Time to get that HW title back.

Good luck!

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