NKC vs Super Youkai Warhead

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Super DUPER Youkai Warhead vs NKC

Post by V900 » Sat Feb 09, 2019 11:09 pm

Betting $10 that you made NKC solely because of the Vinesauce stream.

But yeah sawbot vs sawbot. Super Scope 3D setup. I have slightly more traction and thereby the drive advantage. It's not brick-vs-spinner levels of drive advantage, but it's something. I can use that to my advantage if Badnik opts for "angle in LOL" or anything like that.

I don't know if NKC's pontoon things count as "forked" wedges or not, but it's certainly less forked than my wedgelet-studded hinged plates. That'll help if it ends up coming down to side wedge vs side wedge, but I plan on mostly using my lengthier lifter for wedging.

Something interesting to note is that Badnik's lifter isn't actually a traditional brick lifter, whose lifters just flop to the ground like hinged wedges whenever they're not used. This thing is, quote, "geared to raise when the arm lowers", meaning that it also lowers when the arm travels backward. This means that at any given point in the match, either:

1. The middle arm will be slightly off the ground because the driver will have difficulty aiming it within exactly 1 degree of the other wedges.
2. The side wedges will be slightly off the ground because the middle wedge is pushing down into the ground, which pushes the rest of the front upward.

If possible, go for whatever part of NKC is currently off the ground. If that doesn't work, then go for the wedge.

Oh yeah and try to make sure he only saws my front wedges and not my treads in the worst case scenario, kthxbai

gl hf

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NKC vs Super Youkai Warhead

Post by Badnik96 » Sat Feb 09, 2019 11:27 pm

we have equal speed and such so just get under using my forky bois, then bring the saw down. since the arm lifts as it does this it should be harder for him to escape. i also want to push forward as i do this and try to read his movements so he can't j-hook away. the goal is going to be to slice off one of the tracks, then get him on the center hazard for some flying fun.

if he gets under me, jhook away before he can do anything fancy.

good luck and may the better bot win.
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