CBC3 MW Week 1: JEVIL vs Jackal

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CBC3 MW Week 1: JEVIL vs Jackal

Post by Trihunter » Fri Feb 08, 2019 9:03 am

Vertical Devilsknife, regular wheels.

Well, this is gonna be a shitfest. Jackal can basically only control me by hitting the wheels. However, I reckon I can get this on aggression, and I've a far better drivetrain. We're gonna try to get as many strikes in as possible, just constantly switching up our strats. Rushing at them and decelerating to thwack their top, spinning around for horizontal thwacking, monstertrucking, seeing if we can hook the blade on their ladder, pulling them around to the side, that sorta stuff. Just being all over the place and tough to do anything to. Avoid the hazards where possible, and try not to get caught up or pushed around by them for too long. tl;dr: Super aggressive plays, keep trying new stuff, get lots of hits in.
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Re: CBC3 MW Week 1: JEVIL vs Jackal

Post by GF93 » Sat Feb 09, 2019 7:05 pm

Regular setup.

Right, JEVIL. Good looking Gabriel-like thwackbot with some good top speed and defence to it, and it's got the overhead spike. However, its biggest flaws is its low attacking power; the axe can only hit for about 5 damage IIRC and can effectively be stopped by my top bar, and due to having no wedge, practically no torque and a body low enough for me to grab onto and push, I should be able to keep him under control.

Since neither of us really have much damage-wise, taking control and piling on the aggression is the big priority. Move out quickly and watch what he does each time we come together; if he swings vertically or tries to drive over, raise the top bar and catch his body/axe to stop him, and then use it to force him back into the walls/hazards and such; raising the lifting scoop to pin him if he tries running away if needed. If he spins around, angle in toward the opposite direction he's turning to barge him out of the spin and maybe knock him over, then attack.

Proritise actively stopping him from escaping or getting up to speed; use the top bar and my torque to squash him into the walls and wear down the clock, force him into any nearby hazards, and generally stay vigilant to actively counter anything he might try. Chase him down if he runs away, don't let him hit/drive over my top or bait me into hazards; keep a good distance unless using them myself. If the axe gets caught in my bar, adjust it as needed to rock myself onto my wheels and then accordingly drag him around. Stay on the aggressive, take full advantage of my ability to nullify all his main forms of attack, and just generally send this dancing demon for a swim back down the River Styx!

Good luck!

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