CBC3 W1 MWs: Manglerfish vs. Vortex

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CBC3 W1 MWs: Manglerfish vs. Vortex

Post by Hooray For Lexan » Fri Feb 08, 2019 1:56 am


Quick thing I’d like to address with Vortex. While his augers will be in contact with the ground if he is tipped backward, only the back edges will be, which with their shape means the actual tread will only intermittently be in contact and the radius will change as they rotate. He’s going to bounce around a lot and have vastly reduced drivetrain effectiveness, making it much harder to get off my wedge.

Anyway, come out aggressively, don’t drive over the IED like a dumbass. Try to meet him head-to-head. Our drivetrains are equal but he can strafe so watch for him doing that. Keep the “neutral” part of the match well away from the walls – say, 10 ft. I have a better wedge, but if he gets under me immediately back off / J-turn; my wheels allow for this. My long forks will make it harder to get his actual weapon under something solid. If I’m launched, immediately bring the saw down so I land in better position to quickly self-right.

If I get under him, try to bring my saw down to either side of his flipper. His strafing drive may make this easy by getting his augers stuck between my pontoons, but also be ready to react to him trying to strafe off me. Initially I mostly want to hold him while I force him back into the walls, but extra cutting time is fine too. I can get through either his wedge or his top armor and threaten a KO within the 15-second limit. Avoid trying to get through his flipper arm’s armor since he can just jostle my saw away; if the middle’s all I can reach, then keep the pressure light and try to snipe his drum belt. Once I release a pin or if he gets away, immediately get back away from the walls before engaging him again, and never get directly between him and a wall when within 10 ft of it.

Alternately, push him into the middle IED (carefully) if he’s in an awkward position to shove into the wall.

After the 2 min mark, push him to the edge anyway. MW fixed his arena so I probably can’t sumo him off the edge, but I can still pin him against the mini-IEDs.

Good Luck etc. Etc.

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Re: CBC3 W1 MWs: Manglerfish vs. Vortex

Post by NoiseyGiraffe » Fri Feb 08, 2019 11:28 pm

Drivetrains are identically powered but my screw drive will give me the ability to strafe sideways. His saw is better than my armour sans wedge so it will be deadly if he gets a hold of me. My drum-lifter can OOTA him before the walls go down and will be really easy when they are. His forks will get under my hinged wedgelet but I can get under him anywhere else.

At the start, rush towards him and then quickly strafe sideways and angle into his sides. Then spin the drum up to full speed while pushing him towards the walls and then launch the drum just before the wall to try and OOTA him. Retreat and then try to angle in again, spin up, push and launch towards the walls. Avoid the saw at all times, strafe sideways to avoid him lining up a grab then turn to angle into his side. Keep pushing and launching and when the walls lower, launch before the IEDs and make sure the drum is up to full speed for the biggest possible launch. Avoid the hazards at all times.

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