Axe n Kill vs Diablo Genesis III

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Axe n Kill vs Diablo Genesis III

Post by Wolf51-50 » Thu Feb 07, 2019 1:42 pm

Flipper, ABR, forks on

Normally I'd be worried about the hammer. Luckily, it has the reach of a toy crane, an...angled wedge? And it apparently will struggle to self right

Drive forward and take that first hit on the plow. When he's retracting, get underneath and flip him. Wait to see if he'll self right. If he doesn't, leave em there. If he can, rinse and repeat. Use some baiting tactics as well to make him misfire. If he drives forward to get a closer swing, flip immediately. Basically flip him a couple times until he can't right himself. If he's actually reliable with getting back on his wheels, clamp him while he's down. Try sending him into the IED when clamping (ignoring the floor spinners by aggressively driving right over them). When the walls fall, clamp him especially. Do try to not take too many hits though.

Tldr; bait or tank, flip, wait or clamp, IED occasionally, clamp and send on his way when the walls fall

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Re: Axe n Kill vs Diablo Genesis III

Post by Billy5545 » Fri Feb 08, 2019 5:42 pm

So, we are facinh Diablo Genesis III. Examining our opponent's design and stats, we come to a conclusion that they are slightly faster and more maneuverable than us. In addition, it also seems that they have a weak weaponry, but compensate that with strong armor.

To sum it up, we are worried about our opponent. Axe n' Kill was made to be a boxy HS killer, and because of our insistence with active weapon, we tacked an axe on it. In addition, the wedge, while great for trapping and spinner killing HS'es, as shown in our fight with Tornado, isn't suited for getting under, and not being wedged. The axe also doesn't go 180 degree to allow self righting because of the internal placement of our bot, meaning we had to primarily rely on being ineffectively invertible and going to a hazard on hopes of being able to self right, or drive well to not get flipped at all. We predicted that the fight may end like our machine's fight with the four bar flipper Low Blow.

However, we won't give up of course. For this fight, we planned to drive carefully, but also confidently when approaching our opponent. We mustn't be unsure. Try to drive into their side and get a part of our bot's plow into the chassis, attempting to push them. Once we really slot into the side effectively, we will then start attacking with our axe, trying to destroy the flipper by targeting the part holding it, or a wheel first.

As for the hazards, we will try to avoid them as best as we can. Instead, we will try to use it against our opponent by pushing the opponent to it. For the Micro IED and Danger Zone hazards, we will use it to disrupt our opponent's traction and gain upper arm to help control. With the Immediate Ejection Device, we will try to push them to the center so they will get flipped and damaged by it. Bully them by pushing and swinging the axe after the launch by IED. Finally, for Fall Away Walls, if we are pushing and on the top, try carefully pushing them there once the wall is down, avoiding the Micro IED as much as possible, in hope of scoring an OOTA.

Good luck

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