Ayame VS Carnivore

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Ayame VS Carnivore

Post by GF93 » Mon Feb 04, 2019 7:51 pm

OK, Carnivore; interesting-looking clamp/lifter design with long spindly hinged forks, so I must make sure I don't leave myself open to them with whiffed flips. However, he's slower and open to flanking/beaching with no side defences or ground clearance, and the thin forks/srimech connectors look delicate enough to warp/snap with repeated impacts; especially with his armour bonus taking away from them. Most crucially, he can't self-right if something blocks him from behind, and the weapon setup stops him running inverted; so if I flip him on his back against the wall or break his srimech, he's an epitaph. So let's go for that!

Move out quickly and focus predominantly on aggression and giving him no chance to grab me; attack from the sides and corners and the sides of the forks to maximise my chances of getting under. Only flip when I'm definitely underneath the body, keep underneath and him upside-down as much as possible, flip him directly onto the forks/srimech to maximise any impact damage, chase him down if he tries to run, and actively stop him from righting himself. That can be done either by catching him on the flipper then firing, or by pushing him back-first against the wall.

Defence is mostly aggressive, but obviously avoiding any daft mistakes. Keep away from hazards unless I'm taking him to them myself --and don't get lured into them -- attack away from the jaws and the front of the forks and be ready to move away the second I see myself going up them, only flip under the body, and stay on the attack constantly. Go for all his weak points, give him no chances to recover or get away, and if he does get counted out; pop him over the wall if I can to finish him with a nice flourish!

Good luck.

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Re: Ayame VS Carnivore

Post by GuldenFlame » Mon Feb 04, 2019 11:25 pm

This match is gonna look a lot like Big Nipper vs Eruption if I don't play this correctly.

General rule of thumb, stay away from the edges of the arena and stay away from the hazards. This doesn't give me much to work with, but I'll play.

Bait my opponent into charging into me and charge back:
In case 1, I glide underneath him. The tail won't catch them, so try to stop underneath them and flip them over with it. If we charge too far, use our back wedge to get under him while he's still behind us and flip him with the tail again.

In case 2, we get outwedged, fly over him before he can fire his flipper. Then immediately back up and us the rear wedge to push him on top of us, then flip him over with the tail.

When the opponent is upside-down, try to go for a grab with the jaws and take him to the center arena hazards. If they end up getting away though, try to gain some distance and go back to baiting a charge.

If they start to see what we're doing and won't charge back at us, charge at them and stop right in front of them to bait a flip. Then proceed to tackle with the jaws open.

Good luck to my opponent.
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