Cuddle Time! vs the Gnasher

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Cuddle Time! vs the Gnasher

Post by The_Angry_Goat » Mon Feb 04, 2019 2:20 pm

The Gnasher: 6 Speed / 5 Traction / 1 Torque / 11 Weapon / 8 Armor (+1 to the green wheel shields)
Cuddle Time!: Speed: 7 / Traction: 6 / Torque: 1 / Weapon: 7 (5 clamp/5 lifter) / Armor: 9 (+2 front forks) - doing this


2.5 feet is significantly wider than the average LW, so this arena functionally has pushouts after 2 minutes.

he can't damage my front (13 armor!), and I have the speed to keep him from getting around my front. the plan here is simple: scoop him up front-first with the forks, let his spinner lose power by continuously hitting the tops of the forks (keep in mind that he's still on the bottom of the forks, so he won't be able to effectively throw me - and besides they're curved so he won't get much of a grip anyway). Once he's battered himself down to minimal weapon power, bring the clamp down (potentially inside his eggbeater), and then parade him about for 30 seconds. end the pin time by either shoving him into a mini-IED, or let him go onto the big one.

he knows I'm going to be doing this, so he'll be angling in to counter. I dont have bad control, I don't need to press, and I can afford to be a bit cautious. watch for and counter his fancy driving attempts.

if he gets under me, fire the clamp immediately - I can drive inverted with it down, and this will allow me to pick where I self-right, since I am still faster than him. I can mix this up with leaving my clamp up, and then firing it to self-right the bot in the opposite direction he's expecting. whatever I do though, avoid letting him get under, even at the cost of aggression points: if he gets under once, he can chain it into a lot of hits. this is mostly just annoying for the first two minutes, but in the last minute it could very easily lead to an OOTA, and I'd like to avoid that.

in the last minute, don't let him bait me to the walls - only engage if I'm not between him and the OOTA zones. that being said, if I grab him in the last minute, just shove him out for free because lol 2.5 foot gaps

other methods for engagement if this doesn't work: ALWAYS USE THE FRONT FORKS, he beats my rear wedge.
-immediately slam the clamp into his weapon. this would be idiotic IRL but on ARC my clamp has 13 armor and will help slow his weapon quicker
-bait him into angling in, then quickly reverse and grab him from the side (only do this if I somehow am losing the head-on war even if I try pressing.)
-do that^ but instead quickly turn and come at him head on


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Re: Cuddle Time! vs the Gnasher

Post by attackfrog » Sat Feb 09, 2019 11:38 am

The Gnasher is slightly slower, but both bots have equal control spreads and negligible pushing power. That means it'll come down to who can more effectively use their weapon. Cuddle Time! has a lifting/grabbing mechanism, but those forks are better suited for tanking drums than for holding onto a robot, even with the little grabber arm holding on. This is compounded by how wide The Gnasher is. If CT! grabs it in the middle, it'll either have its grabber smacked by my eggbeater, if it's running, or it won't get any purchase on the main body of the robot if it's not running. If it grabs from the side, the other side of The Gnasher will still be resting on the ground, so I'll be able to attempt to drive out of its grasp. The forks are too narrow for CT! to lift The Gnasher completely off the ground, when grabbing from the side.

So not a great situation for Cuddle Time!, but how about The Gnasher? It's got a relatively small beater bar, compared to its width: it's no Black Dog. It's also only got 11 weapon power, the same as the forks on CT!. But CT!'s body armor is a mere 7, so if I can score a shot there I should do some serious damage. On top of that, the easiest parts for me to hit will be the front corners of the chassis, which will not only take corner damage but should lock up the wheels if bent inwards by the hit. Given how little clearance the wheels have inside the chassis I think I have a good chance there.

So my plan is to keep on the attack until I can finally score a hit on Cuddle Time!'s chassis. If I can, that should lock up one of its wheels and slow CT! down enough for me to get some more hits in. Until I can make that happen I'll do my best to squirm out of any grab The Gnasher ends up in and keep away from the hazards. I'll be driving as skillfully as I can and not just going head on, unless CT! leads with its ass wedge for some reason: I should outwedge that easily enough.

Good luck Gabe!
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