Carbonemys vs. Lethal Carriageway: Week One CBC3 Middleweights

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Carbonemys vs. Lethal Carriageway: Week One CBC3 Middleweights

Post by The Monsterworks » Mon Feb 04, 2019 1:06 am


Carbonemys: 4 speed / 2 traction / 1 torque / 15+1 weapon / 9 armour (+1

Lethal Carriageway: 7 speed / 7 traction / 3 torque / 1 weapon / 12 armour (+1 plow)


Hooray for Lexan facing arguably my worst matchup first! The thing is, while 12 armour’s a lot, my hammer still has 16 power. It’s going to deal four damage every hit and he has a lot of wheels that can be damaged or jammed by having armour warped into their paths. “But he’s too fast to hit!” I hear you say. “You’re a freakin’ turtle!” Firstly, remember that every bot starts with a baseline 2 speed, so he has nine units of speed to my six. Basic math+physics dictates that if I’m turning on the spot while he’s trying to circle around my sides, I should be able to track him without a lot of trouble, actually. It’s why a turret can track something 2x faster.

Secondly, given the height of my wedges, tracks, and general chassis, his small clamp shouldn’t actually be able to grab Carbonemys and maintain a firm hold on it at all. It just doesn’t have the reach. Also, my pair of wedges at the front are equal to his hinged wedge if not marginally better. I can drive faster than he pushes, and can’t really be high-centered. If he doesn’t have his prongs up, there’s also nothing to stop me from monstertrucking him.

What this all means is that he’s not really going to be able to consistently flank me or control me by grabbing, and I can still do some heavy damage to him.

So, come out like gangbusters, placing myself close to the concentric spinning rings in the center. They don’t do any damage to me, they’ll lessen his available angles of approach and, if he tries to ignore them entirely in his quest to flank or push me towards the IED they’ll disrupt his traction and spin either him or both of us away, allowing me to break free and reset.

The central goal is to hit him with the bigtime hammer A LOT. This mainly involves keeping my back to the spinners to cut off about 1/3 of his approach angles and pivoting on the spot. Whenever I’m on his wedge and not clamped – perhaps lifted instead, that’s actually a decent spot for me. I can’t be high-centered, so pivot to square up and unleash with the hammer (which has a very long head and reaches 22.5 degrees below horizontal). That’ll both deal serious damage and knock me free. Reset as quickly as I can, rinse and repeat. Self-right with the hammer as needed and jostle myself free with it if I’m near the IED or the walls.

Basically, be defensively aggressive and counterpunch the hell out of him. If I get my little lip wedge under him, it doesn’t actually look like his rear wheels stick out, so he’ll be high-centered. Punish him and follow up immediately. If he’s not moving right, mix some pursuit into the mostly-static pivoting. At about the 1:30 mark, start assiduously avoiding the outer edges.

Good luck!
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Re: Carbonemys vs. Lethal Carriageway: Week One CBC3 Middleweights

Post by British-Robotics » Fri Feb 08, 2019 6:44 pm

I have the upper hand to outpace Carbo by my Speed and Traction advantage, I also have the better torque power so I should be able to push him around the arena pretty well. At the start of the match, exit out of my start block immediately and go after the sides of Carbo where he is exposed, probably go for a slight angle-in as I approach my opponent. His hammer wont be able to hit me if i'm at the side of him.

If I manage to topple him over from the friction and pushing power and possibly worm my way under him, I can then use my forks and clamp him a little just to disrupt Carbo's self righting capabilities.

Obviously I don't want to run over the red button myself but I also want my opponent to get on that hazard, so with my good pace I should be able to push Carbo to that hazard. If I succeed from this quickly evade from the house robots by reversing away and leaving myself some room.

Good luck and may the best robot win.

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