CBC3 Week 1 LW: Tiny Torque vs Eudial

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CBC3 Week 1 LW: Tiny Torque vs Eudial

Post by Tcrrr » Sun Feb 03, 2019 7:29 am

In this battle Tiny Torque will be the Scorpios to The Icewave of Eudial, I will begin with a box Rush, and I will push him to the wall. Since his bar can lean one direction, I will go in the opposite direction and hit it head on, since this is in the Vertigo Arena, I will try to push him towards the Immediate ejection device, if he lands on there, he will be sent flying, and if he lands upside down, I will push him to the wall, where he will stop spinning, and he will be done for. If he can get under me, I will go around to the back of him, because I don't think there are any wedges at the back of him, if I still can't get under him, I will use the previous tactic of attacking the opposite direction the bar is leaning, if it isn't leaning, I will pressure Eudial to make the bar lean
If they decide to pull anything unexpected, I will push him into the wall, hopefully stalling his engine, and how will I do that? My wedgelets are just wide enough apart to get into the slots between his wedgelets at the rear, and if the house robots are in this battle, I will push him towards the house robots, if not? I will get him onto the Immediate ejection device.

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Re: CBC3 Week 1 LW: Tiny Torque vs Eudial

Post by That Kode Guy » Sun Feb 03, 2019 10:46 am

First fight in a while and I'm immediately thrown against a goddamn brick, in an arena where I can easily be pushed out. Thanks for the warm welcome back, guys.


The "wedge" is hinged. Okay. What part of said wedge is hinged? The two toothed things? The main plow itself? He doesn't say. I mean, he gives a bonus to the "plow", so I'm assuming the hinged stuff IS the two wedges on said plow. If it's indeed the toothed things, I'm pretty sure I can get under those since either end of Eudial has more weight behind her wedges, especially the rear. If it's the main plow thing, then there's clearance under it since the only thing touching the ground is the two tiny forks at the front, meaning I can potentially angle in on that sucker with my rear. You need to be specific, my friend.

Of course, that's all garbage right now because this guy kicks my ass in the drivetrain category, so I have to be careful. I need to make sure that I have either the front or rear pointed at him, and I'm not going to be doing much damage unless I can get around the fucking plow. So getting under him and smacking him away is an absolute must. Now, despite his speed advantage, he doesn't know if I can come at him with the front or rear, so if he does manage to get my side, I can merely turn 90 degrees.

Regarding the front end, I'll just hit the forks and we'll bounce away. What this does to me is turn me all the way around so that my rear is facing him, which is exactly what I want since there's no way he's getting under that (2WD near the front!), and in any case he might run up the rear and smack himself into the bar anyway. Which would be hilarious. The bigger issue is keeping it that way until my bar is spun back up. In which case I'm actually glad the arena is Vertigo, since he initially can't fucking box rush me because there's house robots and a giant IED in the way. :P Which I will avoid, of course.

Perhaps the biggest issue in this battle is what happens when the walls come down... yeah. I'm going to be sticking close to the patrol zones, just not in them. And if I ever get flipped, well, I have to hope I can knock myself back over before I'm counted out, obvs. If not, well, you won a fair fight, Tcrrr.

Recap: Go at him with both ends, front preferably. Damage his front shit, keep rear pointed until I'm spun back up. If I ever manage to get a clear SHOT (on his main body), take it with gusto.

Good luck and may the best robot win.