ICECrown Grand Final: Death's Head Sarsaparilla vs Steelhead

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ICECrown Grand Final: Death's Head Sarsaparilla vs Steelhead

Post by Trihunter » Fri Jan 25, 2019 10:36 am

Steelhead: Speed: 6 / Traction: 5 / Torque: 2 / Weapon: 5 / Armour: 12

Death's Head Sarsaparilla (Hammer declared): 2 speed / 1 traction / 1 torque / 18 weapon (+4 turret) / 7 armour

Okay, so Sarsaparilla continues to have ass speed and a billion miles of ground clearance. Spin up, give an aggressive approach around the central nub, then slip under them and try to keep them upturned. Can't get the spinner stopped if they're stuck upside down. Ideally, we'll keep them inverted for as much of the match as possible, flipping them over when the drum's up to speed, then bullying them to make srimeching too tough. If the drum isn't up to speed to get them over, just keep playing aggressive, bullying them around the arena, into the walls or twisting movement slightly, jigging them around enough that the turret can't align onto anywhere important, or is jammed against the wall. If we manage to get DHS' chassis wedged sideways between the two flipper blades, it makes it surprisingly tough for the axe to be properly angled to hit us, especially since it'll be being rolled around as we go. Ideally, we either get the hammer head wedged on, in or over the wall to pin them, or spin up and score an OotA at the OotA zones. On paper it shouldn't be hard to keep them controlled, preferably with them inverted, but keep an eye out for jank and alter approaches accordingly. If the drum goes somehow, keep up aggro, still shunting them around, using hazards for kill potential.

Holy fuck, I learnt how to spell Sarsaparilla. Anyway, best of luck to the opposition.
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Re: ICECrown Grand Final: Death's Head Sarsaparilla vs Steelhead

Post by The Monsterworks » Fri Jan 25, 2019 12:19 pm

Death's Head Sarsaparilla (Hammer): 2 speed / 1 traction / 1 torque / 18+1 weapon (4 turret) / 7 armour


Steelhead: 6 speed / 5 traction / 2 torque / 5 weapon / 12 armour

So, the essential facts that gave me the win last time haven’t changed. In terms of how it fights, Steelhead also kinda has only one option: tank, flip, smother, feed into hazards/OOTA. While Tri’s probably been more thorough, more cautious about giving me free shots, and more urgent with match control, I’m willing to bet that his RP is the same, in spirit, as last time.

Yes, I’m slow. I’ll spend most of the match counterpunching. That’s fine. It’s what DHhammer was designed for. Between my ground clearance and his low torque, I’ll still be hell to control. He can catch me but, once he’s pushing, I drive just as fast. J-hook. He also still has a flywheel flipper and my circular shape is still unpredictable when flipped, so chaining and crowding are not gonna be any easier than before. Yes, I’ll eat some flips. I just need to ensure that they’re comparatively harmless ones. Prioritize escape whenever he’s lining me up for hazards or OOTA by either driving off of his wedge or breaking myself free with a hammer blow at an angle. Worse comes to worst, I have those ablative rings. I should also be familiar, from the previous match, with how long his flywheel takes to get to full power. Time that and hammer to break free just before he flips. He’ll either misfire or I’ll score and my weapon will already be regaining power while he tracks me down and flips. Win the timing battle.

Offensively, I still do enough damage to pierce and buckle. My turret has the speed to track him. He’ll probably try to be less predictable and protect his flywheel better, but I have 360 offense, so there’s no way to do that without avoidance or janky driving/approaches that compromise his ability to control me. If I’m flipped somewhere safe, rotate the turret so that I self-right to the side, perpendicular to the direction of his rush, giving me a free shot at his chassis or wheels while he reacts. Also, don’t neglect my molasses drivetrain. Maneuver. I want him focusing on chasing me down instead of my deeper timing-related tactics and counterpunching positioning. While doing this, always keep my hammer in position to slam into his flywheel housing and bend the bars. He loses that flipper and he loses his means of controlling me. Go full aggro in that case.

Best of luck, my dude. It's been an honour.
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