Chaos 2 2 vs John Cena

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Chaos 2 2 vs John Cena

Post by V900 » Sat Jan 19, 2019 10:40 pm

Before the match, I'm gonna dump 300 gallons of wet paint on everything so I can see John Cena. Then, I'll hire Ray Billings to perform a Tombstone Piledriver on the opposing robot's driver. gg ez git gud kid *dab*

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Re: Chaos 2 2 vs John Cena

Post by YSMQTHLQYH » Sat Jan 19, 2019 11:24 pm

Guess what? there is no rule banning reading the opponent's RP.
Ray Billings is a feeble old man, while i am strong, young, and have been practicing judo since i was in elementary school, I will be the one performing a piledriver on him, and after he gets up i will tell plan Z to convince Ray to piledrive the other driver that isn't me (or convince somebody other than Ray if he can't get up/do it)
Even if the paint somehow works John Cena can still suplex Chaos 2 2 from the side(i have omnidrive and i am way faster) and after the Chaos 2 2 will have a hard time self-righting with it's -50 strength.
EZ πZ LemON squyZ or something like that IDK.
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