ICECrown Semifinals: Chernabog vs. Steelhead (again)

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ICECrown Semifinals: Chernabog vs. Steelhead (again)

Post by Hooray For Lexan » Sat Jan 19, 2019 2:05 am

Sharp skids OFF.

I can’t damage him, but he’s only got one point of speed on me and equal control, and my wedge beats his unless he gets to my side. I’m basically fighting as a clampbot here. Be as aggressive as I can, going for head-on attacks and watching out for attempts to angle in. If his maneuverability is making him too hard to deal with, try juking around to the sides erratically and see if I can make his gyroscopic forces work against him. Keep my claw just higher than his drum so if I wedge him I can immediately bite down.

Get my claw behind his drum whenever possible, fitting it between his tubes. This gives me a nearly unshakeable grip, and since it’ll jam his flywheel he won’t have anything to shake with. If I can’t do that try and get my point into the gaps in his scales for a firm grip. Slam him into the hazards as much as possible, still keeping him grabbed. Apparently the pin limit’s thirty seconds if you’re moving around, which should be plenty of time to feed him into a fatale multiple times. Try to mess up his wheels and tail.

If he gets under me, try to twist off, and self-right immediately if flipped. His flywheel having to spin back up will make chaining flips a bit less effective. Stay out of positions that could give him a shot at the OOTA areas in the off chance he remembers they exist. My srimech wings should hopefully push me free of any weird positions stuck on the walls or center nail or something.

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Re: ICECrown Semifinals: Chernabog vs. Steelhead (again)

Post by Trihunter » Sat Jan 19, 2019 1:03 pm

Okay, so past experience has shown that I need to be more cautious of Chernabog's front wedge, apparently. Take it slow from the start, spin up, try to angle in so it doesn't get the chance to squeeze between my twin wedge. Since Chernabog can't deal damage, they're probably going to focus on using hazards for damage and playing more like a control machine. Focus on keeping wedge dominance, and keeping them away from my sides, even if it means defensive play. If we get the wedge under whilst spun up, give them a solid flippin'. We can go ham once they're over and trying to self-right, shunting it around the arena, into the hazards, go for an OotA if they end up near one of the zones for it, but most importantly stop them from srimeching without further bullying. If they get back, go back to defensive play. If the worst comes to it and they grab on, slam between forwards and reverse until we break free, just try to jostle it about enough in the hope that we can get out before any big damage comes from hazards.

Best of luck to the opposition.
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