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ICECrown Finals: Shellshock vs Steelhead: The Rematch

Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2019 5:51 am
by Trihunter
Here we go again. Rush in ASAP, diverting around the lump in the middle, spin up, and try to grind them down and get a flip under them. Try to keep them close to the wall, or use recoil to smash 'em into it. If/when they spin down from smacking 12 armour and the wall too much, rush them down and toss them over. If they're spinning up to srimech, shove them around a bit until the arm breaks off or something, or if it's not gonna snap off, spin up and get ready to reinvert them if they make it over. Have a go at an OotA if it's feasible with the position and if the drum's got time to spin up. If they do get up to speed and away from the wall, try to take them back closer to the wall, either by rushing in with the forks or baiting them closer to the edge. Try to keep Shellshock away from Steely's wheels. Even though the bot tanks hits decently well, I'd rather not let them take the chance of busting one.

Best of luck to the opposition.

Re: ICECrown Finals: Shellshock vs Steelhead: The Rematch

Posted: Sat Jan 12, 2019 6:38 pm
by NoiseyGiraffe
Right, time for an upset don't you think? I have +3 weapon compared to his armour, so lets take advantage of that. The sides of his flipper are sloped but still quite steep and there is nothing in between the ends to support a hit. This means that the flipper arms could be bent and if bent far enough, bend the axle and slow down or jam the drum and clutch. There are also curved bars in front of the drum that if hit could also jam up and stop the drum. His wheels are also exposed and a big target should the opportunity present itself. The tail is mostly cosmetic and wont be of any use to damage but will be points scored nonetheless. He also mentions that ICEs don't like being upside down. I interpret that his ICE also won't function if he's flipped so if I do get a big enough hit and get lucky with the angle then there is the possibility of a KO that way. I also should point out that my wankel rotary engine works at any angle and combined with my self righting chimney, I can recover after a flip.

Now for the strategy in the fight. At the start, spin up to speed and move away from Steelhead. Once up to full speed, stay still and wait for him to come closer. Then use the full manoeuvrability of the mecanums, dart sideways before he tries to flip to get to the sides of his flipper and potentially his wheels. Use all 3 of my speed and be as unpredictable as possible and keep moving away from the flipper, strafing, spinning and reversing to avoid him. Keep the shell up to full power at all times for big hits and if I do get flipped I can recover quickly.