ICECrown Week 6: Labrys vs. Taranis

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ICECrown Week 6: Labrys vs. Taranis

Post by Rocket » Tue Jan 01, 2019 1:59 pm

Labrys (4WD axe/spinner combo)
Speed: 4 | Traction: 2 | Torque: 1 | Weapon: 16 (13 spinner / 3 clutch / 11 hammer) | Armour: 7 | Hinged Wedgelets

Taranis (2WD vertical spinnaaaaaaaaah)
Speed: 5 | Traction: 4 | Torque: 1 | Weapon: 14 | Armour: 6 | Fixed Wedge

So something we learned from last week is that Taranis's wedge doesn't work brilliantly against narrow-fronted bots due to its wide stance. I've got plans for that. Plans that might even - gasp - work. Here goes.

When the battle starts, spin up and stay spun up for as much time as possible. Stay about equidistant between the starting square and the central hump, waiting for Taranis to close in. Keep pointed towards him, trying to make it a head-on collision if at all possible - if he gets around to my sides I'm dead. Once he's in range, charge and hopefully get underneath him. Yes, 2WD wedges outwedge hinged wedges, but the placement of his wedges means it's very possible I can sneak my hinged wedgelets between them and get underneath him that way. If he's wedged, hit him with the disc - a weapon to weapon hit is ostensibly a wash, but stopping my disc causes the axe to fire and that's a heaping helping of bonus damage to, er, wherever the axe hits. If he's flicked over, stay on him, and smash him one with the axe once he's landed. It does six damage to anywhere that isn't the weapon, which is pretty catastrophic. If I can hit a wheel, so much the better.

If the wedging strategy doesn't work, well, I don't have a lot of other options. I'll have put myself in quite a bad position. However, I can try a variation of what I used against Screamroller. If I don't wedge him, I'll reverse and swing the back end out, then straighten the front end up so that the axe can make contact with the chassis and avoid Taranis' disc. After that hit, angle away and reverse, watching to see what damage I've done before going in for another attack.

Here's hoping I can avoid driving like a concussed whelk.

Good luck, TBR, and have fun. =]
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Re: ICECrown Week 6: Labrys vs. Taranis

Post by British-Robotics » Fri Jan 04, 2019 6:29 am

Labrys has a weird chassis shape and poor control, not to mention potential gyro forces.

With the speed and traction advantage of this match I can do some baiting and get Labrys to misfire and since her weapon is flywheel powered it'll take a while to reach it's full power and start firing again.

I must be aggressive and apply some pressure in order to try and force Labrys into a desperation to fire the axe. I'll even start my weapon up from the start and move whilst that happens.

I want to get Labrys to oversteer and then pounce when the opportunity is right, this is in case Labry's could potentially hang back and pop me with that powerful axe.

Her armour is very weak compared to my weapon's power so I should be able to create some decent damage on Labrys armament.

Good luck and may the best bot win

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