ICEcrown Week 5: Death's Head Sarsaparilla vs. The HMS Bucolic

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ICEcrown Week 5: Death's Head Sarsaparilla vs. The HMS Bucolic

Post by The Monsterworks » Fri Dec 28, 2018 12:33 pm

The Principals

Death's Head Sarsaparilla (The Monsterworks): 2 speed / 1 traction / 1 torque / 17 weapon / 8 armour (+1 teeth)


The HMS Bucolic (Angry Goat Robotics): 9 speed / 7 traction / 2 torque / 7 weapon / 5 armour


1) Well, since the bracket was announced, this is the match I've been pretty much dreading. In all seriousness, though, nine speed is nothing to laugh at and makes even a good-humoured jokebot something I should treat with a bit of caution.

2) The bottom line here is that I do overwhelming damage to him: an obscene twelve on every hit or, more likely, thirteen, since he's full of corners. Under the rules, saws and drills don't receive weapon armour either, I think. Basically, even if he box rushes me and I don't get to spin up to full speed, I only need to get to ten power (with the corner damage bonus) to still do the maximum of six on the damage scale.

3) While he's fast, he has mediocre control and no wedge to smother me with. As noted above, he also just doesn't have the armour to soak damage. Further, his design precludes him from avoiding me and hazard activating without sustaining crippling damage to his wheels.


1) Spin up immediately. Whichever way he drives around the central hump, go the opposite way with my blistering two speed. It's not much, but it still slows his rate of closing to seven speed which, combined with him having to steer around the hump, should allow me to get up to full speed or very close.

2) Move away from walls and corners. Whenever I'm spinning at 11+ power, be aggressive as all hell. When I'm not, tail between proverbial legs and run to buy myself time. Given that I don't have to get up to more than 2/3 speed, it shouldn't take that long.

3) Avoid the central hump. He could try to high-center me on there. I mean, I have a torquey diesel for a reason, so if I'm stacked on it at an awkward angle, my teeth should get some bite and I should be able to free myself relatively easily.

4) The general plan is: drive smart and aggressive and hopefully splatter little bits of Bucolic all over the arena.

Good luck, my dude.
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Re: ICEcrown Week 5: Death's Head Sarsaparilla vs. The HMS Bucolic

Post by The_Angry_Goat » Sat Dec 29, 2018 8:08 pm


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