Icecrown Wk5: Chernabog vs Taranis

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Icecrown Wk5: Chernabog vs Taranis

Post by British-Robotics » Fri Dec 28, 2018 8:07 am

With both similar speed and traction it's going to be difficult to try and make some room to find attacking chances easily. As the match starts I'll immediately start up my weapon and drive towards Chernabog aggressively at a frontal attack, avoid getting ramped up from the wedge.

I'll also need to stay facing frontal. Chernabog's armour is fragile with my weapon, so I'll leave my weapon running to show some threat during the entire match and stay close as possible, clip the front of Chernabog's wedge since I'm confident that my wedglets are better than his to get in underneath from the front.

Chernabog won't be able to smother me since we are equal at speed and I'm able to tank his crusher hits with my drum. If I do manage to get a clean hit on Chernabog, immediately go for it and chain some hits and hit the weak parts which is his underbelly.

I do not want to go anywhere near the arena walls and stay within the middle of the arena.

Good luck and may the best robot win.

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Re: Icecrown Wk5: Chernabog vs Taranis

Post by Hooray For Lexan » Sat Dec 29, 2018 5:03 am

Skids ON.

This is gonna be a wedge war. We both have sharpened skids. His have more reach, but have a major weakness: his forks are pointed outward at a weird angle and are really far apart, which leaves the inner edges of the pontoons very exposed to other wedges. Anything that isn’t the point of one of them isn’t going to have much, if any, weight on it.

Come out to the middle of the arena, but watch out for him trying to get around my wedge or do some weird angling shit since this is TBR and he likes doing that stuff aggressively. If he’s going for a head-on collision go for it, otherwise try to force a head-on attack. If he does something like turn to get the point of one pontoon facing me, back off a little and try to get under his front as he maneuvers to be facing me again. Keep my claw raised enough to not get hit by his disc as he rides up my wedge.

If I get hit, self-right ASAP since he’ll likely try to chain hits. My wedge can absorb the first blow without too much damage, but I really don’t want to give him any shot at a followup attack.

My strategy with my own weapon is as follows: once I get him on my wedge, bite down quickly, don’t be too picky about target location. Be ready to turn away if he’s trying to pivot and hit my claw with his disc, even if that means giving him a shot at escaping. His armor’s thin enough that I should be able to straight-up impale him if I get a bite on anything, though, and I might be able to cause serious damage even with a messed-up tip. Take him to the wall and then try to get another bite a bit to the right of his disc. That appears to be where his engine is, and disabling his weapon is my priority. If I can stop his disc I can have my claw lower and be more aggressive. Do the Spectre thing of making as many holes as I can.

Don’t bother with the hazards unless my tip’s too messed up to damage him. Don’t do dumb stuff.


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