Apocalyptic Peacekeeper vs Hat Garage

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Apocalyptic Peacekeeper vs Hat Garage

Post by Wolf51-50 » Fri Dec 21, 2018 10:47 pm


Pretty simple. He out wedges me, but I've got more range of motion with my weapon.

Angle in, drive forward and/or push back when he pushes me away. He'll get under my lifter, but assuming it's the invertible puncher, I can just lift up to lift him up by his bar when it goes in between. Try to angle in as much as possible and throw more fakeouts in there when I can. Lift him up and parade him around. Smack him into walls and just try to domiate.

Good luck Goatman Gabe :v

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Re: Apocalyptic Peacekeeper vs Hat Garage

Post by The_Angry_Goat » Mon Dec 24, 2018 9:31 pm

HIM: Speed: 7
Weapon: 4 (3/3)
Armor: 9 (+2 ABR wedge)
Torque: 3

ME: Speed: 7 / Traction: 6 / Torque: 3 / Weapon: 3 / Armor: 11 (DOING THIS https://i.imgur.com/BdyRbWy.jpg, yes back stabilizers)

(people were gracious and let me RP after the deadline since I managed to forget that the tournament I made had 3rd place matches :V)

so we're more or less even on drive and weapon and all that shit, so I'm going to be doing my best this match to leverage my wedge advantage over him. focus on forcing head-on collisions, and focus on accelerating slowly and moving in a controlled manner to avoid wheeliing when I'm near him. this means that I am willing to sacrifice some amount of aggression here to ensure maximum control - if I fuck up, he can potentially OOTA me (maybe, though we're a bit small for that and I squirm really effectively), so it's worth the tradeoff.

also focus on countering his inevitable angle in attempts. he has forks, so he's kinda not that great at angling, but I can still use all the usual tricks to get away from that sort of attack - just backing off, counter-angling to get at him from an angle (which is easier for me than for him, he's rather long), or counter-angling to get at him head-on. try to mostly counter angle if I can ensure that that doesn't put me in a bad spot.

once under, then I can accelerate to full power. fire the bar thing as I slam him into a wall to try and flip him over. I imagine he'll need the clamp fully extended to self-right (if he can even then), so bully the fuck outta him as he's doing that - see if I can mess up his self righting routine if possible, or pin him to a wall, and at least be there to wedge him from behind if he does get back upright.

if this really isn't working come in with the bar fully extended. I don't like that strategy as much since I can't try and flip him, but I can still pin him I guess.

if he gets under me, fail wildly with the bar - especially if I'm keeping engagements head-on, the bar will fire directly into his body and free me like, 95% of the time. if it doesn't for some reason, wait until he starts to lift me, then flail around some more - with the size of his weapon and how it fires, he throws a bunch of weight forewards when he lifts, which means that a sudden change in weight location and momentum will almost certainly throw his bot off balance.

GL, and your sportsmanship is appreciated.

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