ROBOT2 Middleweight Finals: Frogbot 2000 vs. Harpy

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ROBOT2 Middleweight Finals: Frogbot 2000 vs. Harpy

Post by attackfrog » Fri Dec 21, 2018 8:41 pm

Frogbot 2000: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=8395#p69177
Harpy: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=8395&start=15#p70247

Young Frogbot's got a stiff challenge this time in Harpy, as well it should: this is the finals! Wow!
Harpy's got a faster drivetrain, but we've actually got the same amount of torque, so it's not going to be pushing me around much. Its wedgelets are an issue, but if I chance to get to the side of Harpy at all (anywhere but right in front) I'll be able to get underneath it easily. Once that's accomplished, flip! Harpy won't take any damage from it, but it'll look nice for the judges.
If I get outwedged at any point, as is likely to happen against a bot like Harpy, I'm not going to get high-centered. I'll be either able to do a bit of a pushing match (which shouldn't go anywhere with our equal torque) or I'll be able to slip off to the side or something.

My strategy is to play it safe, a bit: I don't want to screw up and get wedged from behind. I'll do what I can with my slightly inferior drivetrain to get around those wedgelets, though I know I'll be forced to just go head on most of the time. In those situations, I'll hope that I get under one of the forks, at least, so that I can push in, fire the flipper, and... see what happens, I guess. We'll both likely be knocked back, but Harpy should be knocked up and Frogbot down, so I should come off better. This will go to a judge's decision either way, so I want to show the judges some good flips and not just get bullied by Harpy the whole time.

Good luck Danielle! This should be a good match.
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Re: ROBOT2 Heavyweight Finals: Frogbot 2000 vs. Harpy

Post by Shaba117 » Sat Dec 22, 2018 9:52 pm

Spikes on for Harpy, please

Starting in blue square

I only have a slight control advantage over Frogbot, but my hinged spikes should be able to give me a chance of getting under Frogbot anywhere except for his narrow flipper and wedges. Also, he can only OOTA me over the low walls.

I’m starting with the high walls on my side of the arena. I do want to appear aggressive out of the square but only rush to the center of the arena. If Frogbot rushes out to meet me, I will angle away slightly and hopefully catch his side before he can react to my maneuver. If not, then we meet head-on. Now, he may get the flipper/wedges under, initially, but I have 3 longer and independently hinged spikes, and I’m hoping that one or more can get under his shorter wedges. He is also 2WD, so if I can get one side off the ground, then I will have a pushing advantage. However, if I see the flipper getting under, immediately reverse direction and back away towards the high wall side of the arena. If I see my spikes getting under, take and shove him into the high walls and pin for the maximum allowed time before releasing him by quickly reversing away (keep my front facing him as much as possible).

If the above strategy works, then great-keep repeating this! If not and I’m getting hit with the flipper, back away and regroup. I can’t really give up my aggressiveness due to lack of an active weapon. I know I will be at a disadvantage in a JD if Frogbot is effective at using his flipper on me. So, I’ll remain aggressive, but short of meeting Frogbot head-on or at an angle, I’ll swing around and try to engage him into chasing after me. Then, just stop and spin rapidly in place. I hope that my spikes can catch on Frogbot and nudge him to the side somewhat, then I can come back around and get my spikes under. Yes, do this while also doing my best to keep out of the OOTA zone. Hey, this is the Final-my driving is going to be on point more than ever!

Remain aggressive and get under him while denying Frogbot the chance of attacking me with the flipper/getting me OOTA.

GL, Jack!

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