ICECrown Week 4: Chernabog vs. Detroit Iron

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ICECrown Week 4: Chernabog vs. Detroit Iron

Post by Hooray For Lexan » Fri Dec 21, 2018 12:13 am

10 top armor blech.

Okay. Skids ON. Come out fast and be as aggressive as possible. Keep my wedge pointed at him and try to avoid getting flanked or angled in on. Keep my claw low unless he’s raising his plow to block me. If he is raising his plow to block me, he no longer has a useful wedge, so raise my claw enough to clear his plow and get under him. His lifter’s pretty slow so he won’t be able to switch between them very quickly. Pressing won’t let him get under my skids.

If I’m wedged, spin or J-turn away if possible, and if I’m high-centered try to use my srimech wings to free myself. Stay away from the hazards to the best of my ability.

If I can get under him, that’s where the fun starts. Bite down immediately. With the crusher bonus I do 3 damage to his chassis, which at a minimum will poke holes in his armor, and since crushing effectively counts as repeated hits it could tear fairly big holes. If I’m biting his chassis, try to take him to the wall. With his 4 torque he technically ties in a pushing match even when wedged. Does a tie go to the robot that gets under its oppponent still? If I’m having trouble moving him around, see if I can lift him in the air on my claw; this may be possible since I’ve got enough power to punch holes in him. Ideally I want to pin him against the wall or center nail and try to adjust to bite down on his treads. They take an extra point of damage, and again with effectively repeated hits I should easily be able to “Kraken” them.

If that isn’t working, consider using the hazards. If I’m reading the rules right treads should still take extra damage from the hazards, so even a yellow one might be able to break a track. If he decides to be aggressive with the hazards it could work against him, and his treads are a much easier target to hit with a Fatale’s teeth than my wheels.

If I can’t break his treads, then just be as aggressive as possible and keep poking holes in him and pinning him while avoiding being wedged as much as I can.

Good Luck etc. etc.

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Re: ICECrown Week 4: Chernabog vs. Detroit Iron

Post by Madman » Sat Dec 22, 2018 11:00 pm

Okay, pretty sure I'm not getting a fair shake in an Alex tournament anyways lol, but HFL's a good guy and deserves a hard RP. Before we get to the fun shit, let's look at defense: Basically, he's going to count on outwedging me but it's no guarantee when I press. When I don't, with my traction bonus, we have even control, I have double his torque, and I'm a whole three speed faster, which is a pretty big deal. I can angle into his narrow wedge or even narrower skids if he uses them all fight long, and I can do it easily. He'll do...maybe two or three damage with the bonus. Well gee, doesn't that just make his gambit obvious: kill the tracks lol. One problem: I'm ludicrously fast, he needs to be very precise, and crushers are very slow. I should be able to j-hook or even back off immediately if he manages to wedge me, unless another writer has decided to replace my brain with that of an inebriated wombat. If he still succeeds, but doesn't get my tracks, well, he makes little holes, but not enough to really threaten a KO or lift and control me. Even with my torque halved when wedged, he can't push me anywhere, and in the case of a tie like that, the bot with the higher traction wins out.

In terms of offense, we're talking ruthless angling in, staying mobile, and relentlessly, unpredictably pressuring him. Force a much slower, 2WD, forward-heavy bot to try to keep up with a much more agile opponent and exploit every opening. Smash and plow him. He can be high ended from an angle, so try to do that. Slam him into the walls and tip him over when he's pinned. His hydraulically-powered self-righting is going to be very slow, so once I have him over, don't let up. Take this goon to the hazards again and again, when flipped or even when I wedge him and they happen to be close. Focus on one in particular and uh...don't drive my tracks onto it, because apparently I have to explicitly state that. He only needs to get one wheel chewed up and his mobility's toast. For my part, if I lose a track, make sure that I throw it completely, so I can still drive on the rollers beneath.

GL fam.
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