Icecrown Wk3: Screamroller vs Taranis

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Icecrown Wk3: Screamroller vs Taranis

Post by British-Robotics » Sat Dec 15, 2018 2:41 am

Screamroller is slower than me by one point so I should be able to move around the arena better than him, Screamroller's "boxy" chassis is a huge target and so are his wheels.

I want to try and avoid Screamroller's spinning drum along with the spiked chain flails which could potentially hurt my robot. I want to avoid getting too near the front of Scream as much as possible and allow my weapon to spin up to full speed. Scream will struggle to turn well due to his slow speed so it should give me the upper hand and angle in to hit one of the wheel's once my weapon is at full power.

If I successfully hit one of his wheel's/tear it off from it's axle off Scream then I stay at the same side where I hit it and allow my weapon to rip up the armament on Scream.

If Scream is still able to turn whilst attacking I'll retreat away for safety and leave my weapon spinning facing frontal to defend.

Good Luck and may the best robot win.

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Re: Icecrown Wk3: Screamroller vs Taranis

Post by attackfrog » Sat Dec 15, 2018 9:47 pm

We've both got 6 armor and a lot of weapon power. One of the two of us is going to get blowed the F up. Here's why it's Taranis and not Screamroller: range. Taranis is a very compact robot and needs to get right up on me to hit me, but Screamroller's got its drum sticking out in the front and flails coming out of that. So as we approach each other, Taranis will get smacked up by the flails before it gets a hit in. Even if it charges in, the flails should slow it down before it gets to Screamroller's chassis.

My plan is to spin up and then go after Taranis's wheels, either by coming at it from the side if it leaves its side open somehow, or by just going in head to head and turning a bit as we come together to hit one of the wheels. The one hit should take out the wheel it hits, and I can pick apart Taranis from there. If I get hit I'll just do my best to keep going until I explode.

Good luck TBR!
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