ROBOT2 HW Final: Coronal Mass Ejection vs. Tongue of the Fatman (again)

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ROBOT2 HW Final: Coronal Mass Ejection vs. Tongue of the Fatman (again)

Post by Hooray For Lexan » Sat Dec 15, 2018 12:41 am

Spatula Config please.

Wow, I got two finals rematches of my week 1 fights. Welp.

So, CME has strong retraction bungees that keep the bot’s weight on whatever the tip of my wedge is. In this case, that’s the spatula. I may or may not get under his actual wedgelets, but my spatula is definitely longer than his wedgelets, so getting between them will let me get under him.

I think the same basic strategy still applies. Stay aggressive, try to either slip my spatula between his forks or angle in on his corners. If I get under him, push forward to get good “bite,” flip early unless there’s a good shot at an OOTA, and try to maneuver to either block his self-righting or wedge him again when he does so. Back off if wedged, either straight or to the side away from the nearest wall.

Again, try to keep him boxed in against the walls. We’re both OOTA-capable over all four walls, but his flipper’s so powerful that at short range he risks “overshooting” and having me fall back into the arena, which is a lot less of a problem for me. Heck, if he self-rights in the wrong place at the wrong angle he might even throw himself out.

Focus on keeping him between me and the walls, and repeatedly flipping him and making him self-right. That huge power and long stroke means his flipper won’t retract quickly and he’ll have trouble running away with his slower translation, so I can possibly catch him with it up. The same issues will make it harder for him to chain flips on me or block my self-righting. He may also use up his gas faster in a prolonged fight. If I see a chance for an OOTA, go for it.

Good Luck etc. etc.

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Re: ROBOT2 HW Final: Coronal Mass Ejection vs. Tongue of the Fatman (again)

Post by V900 » Wed Dec 26, 2018 8:23 pm

oh shit i wrote this and then never posted it lol

My opponent is probably expecting me to change up my strategy wildly for the rematch. Doing so last time made me lose, so maybe more-or-less copypasting my week 1 RP will make me win this time.

Super Size Me (wedgelets) setup plox, 60 degree piston stroke

So it's not actually all that clear in CME's picture, but I'm gonna assume that spatula lies flat on the ground with the rest of the plow and the entire bot isn't hopelessly balancing all of its weight on that one super-narrow edge at the very front. The tips of the 3 wedgelets my robot sits on have far and away less surface area on the ground which = more pressure on the wedge = I'm more likely to get under him.

I'm slightly slower, but some defensive play should render that moot. Drive forward, sit somewhere around the center of the arena and focus on counteracting any aggression he shows. Go in only when I can get my wedgelets to hit that spatula, because I'm going to make sure that thing doesn't conveniently get between my wedges.


This time, I'm gonna angle in if I'm in reaaal close quarters with him. Yeah, you see that longass wedge? People don't enter those regularly against anything that isn't a VS for a reason.

So be a little more aggressive this time, mostly just by catching him off guard whenever I can. Guerilla tactics. 300 confirmed kills. The such. Take anything I get and run with it, I'm not full-on turtle pace like the original 4 speed TotFM was, 6 speed can chase down and chain flips. ESPECIALLY when I throw him at least 8 feet into the air every flip.

gl hf

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