ROBOT2 LW Final: Terpsichora vs. The Thieving Magpie (again)

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Hooray For Lexan
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ROBOT2 LW Final: Terpsichora vs. The Thieving Magpie (again)

Post by Hooray For Lexan » Sat Dec 15, 2018 12:40 am

Ko config (wedgelets, full power in the spinner) please.

I think my strategy from our previous fight still mostly applies. Come out of my square at an angle while spinning up, then stay in the middle of the arena and approach aggressively, taking wide turns to avoid gyrodancing. TMP might be more aggressive trying to get an OOTA this time after getting KO’d early, so I want to mess up her flipper as soon as possible. If she decides to camp near the wall and fish for an OOTA, fake charging at her and juke off to the side, then try to intercept whatever maneuver she reacts with. She’s playing with fire staying near the walls; I can throw an opponent in the air at least as effectively as her flipper, and while I can’t maneuver with her on my wedge to line up a flip a hit will launch her immediately with no opportunity for her to get away.

Keep up the aggression after a hit. Try to either hit her wheels or get a hit to the front while her flipper’s open. Bending up the frame underneath could keep her flipper from closing, which will really ruin her wedging ability.

If she gets under me, try to J-turn or gyrodance away, or at least get so I’m sideways on her wedge and my gyroscopic forces will make a flip less likely to actually overturn me. If I do get overturned, her getting under me also means my weapon hasn’t made contact so it should have plenty of energy to right me. Retreat and get back up to full speed before engaging again.

Good luck, and may the best robot win!

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Re: ROBOT2 LW Final: Terpsichora vs. The Thieving Magpie (again)

Post by Shaba117 » Sat Dec 22, 2018 8:50 pm

Starting in red square

We’ve fought once before in this tournament and I ended up being very much on the losing end of the battle. I intend to not repeat that outcome.

First off, I have the upper hand with overall control ratio. I may not be able to run circles around Terpsichora, but I should be able to outmaneuver a direct hit from his drum spinner as well as gaining an overall maneuverability advantage.

Second, I need to better protect my flipper, as it got shredded during the first match against Terpsichora. This means that I will need to drive more defensively and only fire the flipper when I have a shot at him that isn’t the drum or the feeder wedges.

Third, I need to avoid the low walls. Technically, Terpsichora can OOTA over the high walls, as well-but just barely. It would need to have the main mass of my robot under its drum and have a perfect trajectory to put me over the high walls.

Rush out of my square and away from the low walls side of the arena, but do not directly box-rush Terpsichora. Angle away towards the opposite wall/corner of the arena and try to get him to follow. Lead him in a chase and then turn back toward the center of the arena and draw him into a turning match. I have perfect control and should eventually catch a front corner of Terpsichora.

If I can get the flipper under Terpsichora without the flipper hitting its drum, hit it and then try to chain flips, especially if Terpsichora lands inverted. Try to get it over to the short wall and OOTA. If not, keep up the aggression until it can spin up to full speed again.

If Terpsichora manages to gain distance and get its drum back up to full speed, resort to my initial strategy and draw him into a turning battle.

If I do take damage to the flipper, try and do my best to feed my sides into his drum. My chassis armor should stand up to his weapon, save for some minor scratches and dents. If I can manage that and slow his weapon down or stop it, altogether. Then, maybe I can turn into him and either fire the flipper or use it as a wedge if it’s too damaged. Also, my internals should be protected enough so that there is no chance of a KO.

Other than that, just don’t drive like a complete idiot.


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