ROBOT2 FW Final: Vorpal Bunny vs. Riptide

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ROBOT2 FW Final: Vorpal Bunny vs. Riptide

Post by Hooray For Lexan » Sat Dec 15, 2018 12:39 am

Oh boy, it’s finals baby!

Start upright. Spin up and get out of my square and away from the wall immediately. Once I’m up to speed, try to show aggression if possible, though he’s likely to be coming at me pretty hard.

If he’s attacking head-on, then I want to juke sideways at random before impact. I’m not sure if my bar’s low enough to hit his wedgelets, but if it is then tearing those off would be nice. Otherwise my goal is to sideswipe his outer drumlets. 3-point corner damage right on the ends of those single-supported solid lumps of metal could eventually bend his shaft enough that either the bearings seize or the drumlets contact the frame – either way jamming the weapon. If he’s trying to get to my sides, he’ll have to make a fairly wide turn to get around my weapon, so make an advancing turn in the same direction and try to hit his side instead. Thanks to my wheelguards and his drum’s low power I can take a stray hit to the side without serious damage.

As usual, be prepared to immediately turn the weapon off to minimize any gyrodancing after a hit and take evasive action, and stay well clear of the walls, especially the low one. He’s not really gonna be deflecting me though, and if I’m right-side-up I’ll be hitting his teeth fairly close to the floor where they’re traveling at a low angle, so his hits will be as much horizontal as vertical and I’ll be able to knock him around quite a bit too.

If I stop his drum, go full aggression and just beat on him until either his drive dies or time runs out.

Good luck etc. etc.

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The Monsterworks
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Re: ROBOT2 FW Final: Vorpal Bunny vs. Riptide

Post by The Monsterworks » Sat Dec 22, 2018 11:57 am

Tale of the Tape

RipTide (Boogie Board configuration): 6 speed / 4 traction / 1 torque / 10 weapon / 9 armour (+1 wedgelets)


Vorpal Bunny: 4 speed / 2 traction / 1 torque / 16 weapon / 7 armour


1) Well, here it is: the fight that RipTide was created for against the bully of the FW division. With thirteen armour on my drum and nearly ground-sweeping teeth to get under his midcutting blade, it’s basically a tanky, damage-dealing flipper that’s constantly in motion and doesn’t have to be timed. It’s also been designed with no hard corners whatsoever for his weapon to bite into, so he’s not getting corner damage. Three flat-surface damage barely breaks the skin of similarly-armoured bricks.

2) I have the drivetrain to chain hits (see: Black Dog) and the weapon to punt him around in lieu of pushing. He’s going to have to deal with severe weapon torque effects, while my fairly low-powered drum should keep gyroscopic effects to a minimum.


1) Nothing cute. Riptide’s a control spinner. The goal is to break his fist with my face. Come out fast and watch for attempts to use his weapon torque, last second turns, or baiting to get around my drum or smack the sides of my drumlets to spin me around. Get under his weapon and fling him. Over, backwards, up in the air like a whyachicopter, I don’t care. He’s invertible and flipping won’t do damage, but even if he does his usual thing where he turns his weapon off “until I get back on my wheels”, HS don’t like being hit out of plane and he’s going to gyrodance and flop around like crazy. See Tombstone (which also turns its blade off) when hit by a vert for evidence. His wheels also have big wheelguards that high center him, so he’ll have to wait to settle perfectly before restarting.

2) Not only does flinging and roflcoptering him look impressive for match control, it’s my opportunity to score extra hits while he’s out of control: trapping and mauling him in a corner, getting to his chassis/wheels and dealing damage/chaining hits, or scoring an OOTA over the low wall. Be opportunistic. I have higher-than-average speed for this reason.

3) He shouldn’t be able to reach my short skid configuration, and the damage he’s doing to my drum shouldn’t be enough to break it, so constantly hound and harry. Chain and maul instead of pin unless it looks like my drum IS about to crap out. In that case, go conservative and pin to eat up clock.

Best 'o luck, my dude
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