ICECrow Week 2: Detroit Iron vs Maurdread

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ICECrow Week 2: Detroit Iron vs Maurdread

Post by Mystic2000 » Sat Dec 08, 2018 4:45 pm

well, of course the resident sweaty tryhard had to enter yet another brick into the one comp where you weren't supposed to enter a dull brick, oh well, let's see, questionable effectiveness when inverted, no signs of anything that'll ensure his ICE will even still work when flipped and not stall and kill his drive, no signs of any srimech, so basically all i have to do is angle in and get a good bite on him to flip him over and from there, it's either his ICE straight up fails and he dies or his wedge can do fuck all and he's basically my bitch for 3 minutes, so that's the plan, flip him over with the drum and just bully him about from there

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This just in: Maurdread's wedge is trash, bro!

Post by Madman » Sat Dec 08, 2018 11:48 pm

Detroit Iron: 8 speed / 6+1 traction / 4 torque / 1 weapon / 11 armour (+1 plow)


MOARdread: 5 speed / 3 traction / 1 torque / 14 weapon (+1 srimech clutch) / 7 armour

1) I easily have the drivetrain to smother and bully him for the whole fight, and the shape of his bot makes it easy to high-center. No escaping my wedge for you, bud.

2) He technically has a 2WD wedge despite his terrible weight distribution making him tilt back whenever he accelerates, but it's so ridiculously steep it makes REX's look reasonable. It effectively renders his weapon unusable. He's also going to gyro like a bitch, so angling in should be elementary and keeping the fight mobile is going to give me a lot of openings. I can also just press.

3) I have the armour to take what he can dish out. His weapon also has 13 power instead of 14 because clutches cost one point. I might get flipped, but I'm invertible, my actuated plow will still work upside-down (Though be a bit more susceptible to HS, I guess), and anyone would be dumb to enter an ICE-powered bot without the dry sump/injection/flop tube setup that Alex and HFL talked about. So ya, I'm betting that Mystic will be banking on me stalling immediately when flipped, but can we assume that the people who entered this event aren't idiots and didn't want to bore writers with a bunch of technical stuff?

Box rush him and watch out for dodging and reversing. Go around the hump, of course. I have 8 speed and 4 torque, so if any bot can still box rush, it's mine. As a rule, try not to go 100% frontal wedge to wedge unless I'm pressing. Mix pressing and making the fight mobile to angle in and force gyro. Wedge and high-center him. Then end this early. How? Pick a hazard and work it up to orange or red by shoving him onto it whenever I have him wedged. Repeat with a second one. His wheels and that big exposed gas tank at the back look tasty. Failing that, pin him against walls and turn him over. Once he's flipped, if his srimech is clutch-powered, he'll struggle to get power to it if his drum is against the ground. If I get flipped, just press my wedge the other way and resume the same approach. Overall, drive smart, stay madly aggressive, watch for baiting, adjust, etc. Smack this croissant-eating surrender monkey around like I'm German and it's 1870.
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