Icecrown Wk 2: IMMA SCATMAN vs Taranis

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Icecrown Wk 2: IMMA SCATMAN vs Taranis

Post by British-Robotics » Fri Dec 07, 2018 5:31 pm

Despite Scatman being the quickest in the arena I feel Scatman has some weaknesses which I can exploit in this battle, I'll attack immediately at the start and go right at his wedge, thanks to the skids that Taranis has in front I can easily outwedge him and using my weapon to at least warp the front of Scatman's wedge, if I succeed in managing to screw up his wedge, then I'll still go for the attack and gamble for a decent flip with contact on the disc on hope to beach my opponent.

I also need to guard my skids from being angled and try to stay frontal, in hope to prevent getting taken to the corner of the arena.

If the first attack does not go to plan then I want to try and avoid Scatman as much as possible and allow my weapon to spin up to full speed, If we get close to each other I'll quickly angle in and hope for a decent shot at the side of Scatman in hope to create some flips.

I'll also try to run in reverse, with my front pointing at him for a defensive situation.

This will be a close but good match and good luck, may the best robot win :).

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Re: Icecrown Wk 2: IMMA SCATMAN vs Taranis

Post by V900 » Sat Dec 08, 2018 11:42 pm

Using the tread for this one.

He has 5 speed and I have 7 with us both having the same control, meaning I can pull driving tricks off more easily. Case in point, I want to primarily use my side prongs (which have 13 armor) to angle in right underneath the disc and into the inner sides of his wedge. Not that smacking my dustpan will do much to the components of my bot anyway, but still.

Angle in, shove him around a bit, throw the chainsaw back and use my tread to zip in when afar. IDK how much bonus speed it'll give me, but it's something. Mostly focus on suppressing his offense rather than going on the offense myself.

gl hf

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