ICECrown week 2: Hovercrap vs Screamroller

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ICECrown week 2: Hovercrap vs Screamroller

Post by YSMQTHLQYH » Thu Dec 06, 2018 8:22 pm

Hovercrap: 4 Speed // 1 Traction // 1 Torque // 17(-1 for each) Weapon // 7 Armor

Screamroller: 4 Speed // 4 Traction // 1 Torque // 15 Weapon // 6 Armor

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Re: ICECrown week 2: Hovercrap vs Screamroller

Post by YSMQTHLQYH » Fri Dec 07, 2018 9:22 pm

Let´s see, we are both equally as fast, i am a bit better in the weapons and chassis armor department but he has the advantage of having very good control over his bot while i... well, you know the story.
We both deal 6 damage to the others weapons so this ain´t going to last the full 3 minutes.
Those tiny flails he has for teeth probably won´t flip me over because of their mass and they will get torn off instead of getting entangled as long as i have some sort of speed, potentially destabilizing his drum.
It´s still possible for me to self right if that does happen.
He probably will take more shock damage on a weapon to weapon encounter, and those arms that hold the actual drum don´t look to be the strongest thing ever.

Always try to go for a weapon to weapon hit while i am at full speed, if i am not(including the start of the match) run away from him, he isn´t faster than me and after each hit we will end far apart so as long as i don´t crash into a wall of the thingy in the middle i should be able to spin up safely.
For the weapon to weapon encounters, hitting the edge of his drum will obviously be favorable, but this time keep in mind that i will hit him with the top ring, so turn in the direction that slows down the lower ring.
Intentionally hitting a wall to bounce and land a hit on his wheels is on the table, only if the opportunity appears as it´s hard to pull of but it is possible and will be effective, i mean, having a ring at 9 power speeds will probably screw up one of his 2 wheels, potentially winning me the fight.

Watch out for him spinning the drum downwards or some other flaily shenanigans, don´t drive like an idiot and stay away from the walls, don´t give him any opportunity to somehow control me.
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Re: ICECrown week 2: Hovercrap vs Screamroller

Post by attackfrog » Sat Dec 08, 2018 11:16 pm

Well, crap. That's a powerful weapon. We're both going to be taking a good chunk of damage here. My advantage is my control: I have lots of it and a hovercraft has very little. I'll go in head on and hope the collision knocks Hovercrap into disarray, potentially giving me the chance to get at its rear and take out its fans, without which it won't have any movement. If I'm even luckier one of my flails might rip a hole in its skirts and make it immobile. I'll tank Hovercrap as long as I can, spinning up so it's less likely to sneak underneath my drum, and hope I outlast it somehow.

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