ICECrown Week 1: Labrys vs. Death's Head Sarsaparilla

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ICECrown Week 1: Labrys vs. Death's Head Sarsaparilla

Post by Rocket » Thu Dec 06, 2018 10:45 am

Labrys (Axe/Spinnaaaaah) (somehow 1-0)
Speed 4 | Traction 2 | Torque 1 | Weapon 16 (13 spinner, 3 clutch, 11 axe) | Armour 7 | 4WD | Hinged Wedgelets

Death's Head Sarsaparilla (FBS config) (1-0)
Speed 2 | Traction 1 | Torque 1 | Weapon 17 | Armour 8 (+1 teef)


This is one of the few times when Labrys can actually outspeed an opponent, so I've got to make that count. Brushing even slightly near those teeth is a recipe for getting my shit pushed in, so this is a fight that will take care and good driving to pull off. Start by getting into axe range and smacking the top of his dome. Whilst it's a thumping great spinner, there aren't really any serious points of engagement on the big flat top, and hammering away at it will give me four corner damage. If he comes towards me, reverse away at 2 speed (giving me perfect drive control) and keep hammering his lid. This is, I think, the first time a deathspinner has ever said "I don't have to drive at full speed" in a serious RP. Keep facing him as he drives towards me and keep smashing him with the axe.

If one of the axe hits manages to destabilize him and make him gyrodance around the arena, it's time to pounce. Stay on him and wait for his shell to lose a bit of momentum, then pounce. Get under him and twat him one with the disc for even more damage, aiming for his wheels if poss. If and when he manages to self-right, back away and return to the previous expression of abject cowardice strategy.

Stay aggressive, stay controlled, don't drive like I've just had a double lobotomy, and I might just pull this one off.

Good luck, Alex, and have fun. =]
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Re: ICECrown Week 1: Labrys vs. Death's Head Sarsaparilla

Post by The Monsterworks » Thu Dec 06, 2018 1:16 pm

Death’s Head Sarsaparilla (spinner config): 2 speed / 1 traction / 1 torque / 17 weapon / 8 armour (+1 teeth)


Labrys: 4 speed / 2 traction / 1 torque / 16 weapon (13 disc / 3 clutch) / 7 armour

Damage in this fight’s pretty clearcut: I do 10 or 11 (when catching a corner) to her 7 armour chassis and axe, and 6/7 to her disc with its 4 points of weapon armour. She does 2 damage to my shell with its 2 weapon armour and 2 shock damage to my 7 armour chassis.

That and my sluggish drivetrain make my strategy for this fight extremely obvious: she lacks the speed or armour to smother me, so be as aggressive as possible, constantly pressuring her and trying to deal damage wherever I can, which will consistently be catastrophic.

Rocket’s not stupid, though, so she’ll probably leverage her drivetrain advantage by either targeting my smokestack and self-righting post with her axe and trying to flip me if she disables it, or by keeping her distance and hammering away at the top of my shell thinking she won’t take damage. Here’s where her likely plans fall apart:
  1. To get to the self-righting post, she’d literally have to drive all of the way behind me. I’m slow, but she’s pretty slow too and shouldn’t be able to get to more than my side if I drive competently.
  2. If she wants to target the top of the shell, it’s not a flat, featureless surface. While it lacks pronounced teeth, it has a ton of features: the indented letters, ridges, bolts, and railing that her axe can catch on. Even if DHS isn’t getting enough bite to dish out a full 11 damage, just half of that still badly warps her axe. Think about slamming your hand onto the surface of a wheel spinning at 200 km/h. It has no teeth, per se, but it’s still going to mess you up.
  3. Axes jump like crazy when they fire, sometimes even flipping themselves. Flywheel axes are even worse. That should give me an opening to hit her body cleanly. She also has to get her disc back up to speed to fire another shot for offense or self-righting.
  4. I can take a lot of hits with no serious damage. She has to flawlessly avoid me for three minutes straight, which just never happens IRL.
To make things harder, I can also bait. One misfire goes very badly for her. Since I assume I’ll be the aggressor, steadily plodding forward, I’ll also try to maneuver her towards walls and corners.

That’s all. Good luck going forward in this tournament, Rocket!

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