Flash Flood vs. The Thieving Magpie, ROBOT2: LW SF

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Flash Flood vs. The Thieving Magpie, ROBOT2: LW SF

Post by Shaba117 » Tue Dec 04, 2018 10:41 pm

Flash Flood:

Speed: 8
Weapon: 1
Armor: 11 (+2 front wedge)
Traction: 7
Torque: 3


The Thieving Magpie:

SPD-7 // TRA-7 // TOR-2 // WPN-4 // ARM-10

Like a good 'ole RW flipperfest!

Starting in red square

First thing, get Flash Flood over near the short wall-don't totally make it obvious right away and still come out of my square aggressive-just kinda 'draw' him over to my side if I can with deceptive maneuvering tactics. Of course, If we get near the short wall, try to OOTA first chance I get (my WPN is 4/2=can OOTA over short wall-just the short wall, though. And, he cannot OOTA me).

Maneuvering advantage-he has +1 speed/torque over me, but I have perfect spd/tra ratio. I figure that pretty much evens our control ratios-another very tough driving match for me. Also, with FF being a front-hinged flipper, he would have to get a sizeable portion of his flipper under me versus me only needing to get the very edge of my flipper under him. I will do my best to prevent that by immediately hooking off of his front before he can fire his flipper.

If I cannot get FF OOTA, try to gain any openings, get under, and flip. Yeah, he may be able to 'easily self-right', but at 1 WPN power, it should give me enough time to chain some flips on him.

Don't get into a shoving match with FF since he's +1 on torque. Back off, regroup, then resume my above strategy.

Also, obligatory 'Don't drive like an idiot'

GL, Dylan!

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Re: Flash Flood vs. The Thieving Magpie, ROBOT2: LW SF

Post by Badnik96 » Tue Dec 04, 2018 11:39 pm

use my higher speed to rush magpie at the start. i should have the better wedge so get under and start chaining flips. don't give her a chance to breathe.

if she gets under me, immediately jhook away before i go flying. stay in the center of the arena, away from the walls. last thing i want is to get oota'd.

i figure she'll try to jhook away from me if i get under her, so try to follow her when she does that in order to keep her under my control. keep an eye on patterns, what direction she hooks off each time, in order to make this easier.

don't do anything stupid

good luck Danielle and may the better bot win.
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