RoBattle Week 8 HW 2v2: Hercules & Gigatron

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RoBattle Week 8 HW 2v2: Hercules & Gigatron

Post by attackfrog » Sun Aug 12, 2018 11:22 pm

As Boy Band is Boy Banned, this is... well it's actually still a 2v2, as there are two Animals. Or does Mole get to control Boy Band too? Shrugs.

In any case, my plan is going to be to grab one of the Animals and feed it to Gigatron's spinner, and then hopefully do the same to the other one as well. They're going to take some serious damage from this and should be out of commission pretty quickly if I can pull that off. Boy Band, if it's there, won't be taking any damage from this, so I'll try to strand it instead by propping it against a wall. It doesn't have skirts or anything so getting under it and grabbing it should be easy.

If Gigatron is getting attacked, I should be able to save it by grabbing an Animal or Boy Band from behind and going with the same strategy as above. If they're going for me, I'll just drive right over them and grab one when I have the chance.

GL everyone!
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