Labyrinth: Endless Clowns vs Traposphere

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Labyrinth: Endless Clowns vs Traposphere

Post by Wolf51-50 » Sat Jul 07, 2018 11:25 pm

Well, he's got a spinner. Better avoid that.

Start with whatever is closest. But be on the watch for him. He might try and take me out with that spinner. While he's doing that I'll be grabbing points. And while he's getting spiked and digging in the sand trying to kill me, I can just jump over these obstacles, smash the glass, jump back over, and take the win. Leave him in my dust and take detours. Make the jumps neat, yet quick and urgent. Don't waste too much time making it perfect. Raise the lifting arms to break the glass

Sand pit: jump over it, smash glass, drive back, jump over and onto the next one.

Spikes: same as the sand pit, but time the jump so the spikes don't jump out at me as I'm jumping.

Floor flipper: I think the strategy is pretty clear for that one at this point (hint: see above)

Now what about the other three? I have enough ground clearance for the suspension bridge, and I can use the lifting arms to free myself if I'm stuck, I'm all wedge, so I can push the box without problems though it might take time (try saving it for last), and I just need to get a running start for the wrecking balls.

If Endless Clowns is heading for the last gate, either outrun him, or wait for him to attempt driving over when he's exposed his rear. If he does, get under and clamp him. Use his spinner and my torque to get over the gate, and back into the glass with my lifting arms.

Let's see how this goes. Good luck
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