Revenge of Psychosprout vs Traposphere

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Revenge of Psychosprout vs Traposphere

Post by Wolf51-50 » Sat Jun 23, 2018 5:17 am

Clamps on.

Drive with urgency. Smash through the wood paneling, but raise my body with the lifting arms and fire the piston to pole vault into the cans. Smash into the concrete bricks with a lot of drive power. Use my lifting arms to move and free me from junk that gets caught underneath me. Even use the piston to loosen me up if needed (I do in fact have ground clearance, but just in case). Whatever rubble RoP left behind can easily be jumped over via lifters and piston. Again, use the arms to free myself if I'm stuck under something. If RoP is nearby, clamp the thwack and either jump it into the sky, or push it backwards so he's trailing me. Once I'm in the field of glass, raise the lifting arms half way, and thwack glass with them. Use the piston to pop the glass behind me as well. Is RoP in the field of glass with me? Clamp his thwack again and use him to break the panels. Release him and then make a run for the last piece of glass.

Good luck
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